European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) – coordinator

ESOP was founded in 2000 in Prague, is the largest organisation of oncology pharmacists in the world with almost 3 000 members from 46 countries. The aim of ESOP is to support optimal treatment for cancer patients, to develop and promote clinical and oncology pharmacy practice through education and training, safe handling and administration of drugs, quality management, research and development and pharmaceutical care.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Onkologische Pharmazie (DGOP)

The German Society of Oncology Pharmacy (DGOP) was founded in order to advance research and science in the field of oncology drug use. The ultimate goal is to establish the optimal way to use anticancer drugs and thereby to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. DGOP is a non-profit association with substantial achievements, e.g. establishment of three annual oncology pharmacy conferences, of a certified continuing educational programme in oncology pharmacy in cooperation with the federal board of pharmacists, of an annual summer school on oncology pharmacy for pharmacy students, and of the periodic journal “Onkologische Pharmazie”, as well as implementation of the European QUAPOS standards for the accreditation of pharmacies that compound cytostatic drugs.

Eesti Haiglaapteekrite Selts (ESHP)

Estonian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ESHP) was established in 1995. Its more than 100 members are mostly practicing hospital pharmacists. ESHP represents also all oncology pharmacists in Estonia.  ESHP is responsible for providing continuing educational training for its members. ESHP has its own accreditation system to assess competencies of pharmacists to ensure high quality of pharmaceutical service provided by ESHP members.

Lekarniška zbornica Slovenije (LZS)

Slovene chamber of pharmacy (LZS) is an independent organisation whose members are all community pharmacies and hospital pharmacies in Slovenia. It was established in 1992 to protect professional honour, to ensure that professional obligations are met and to protect economic interests of its members.. One of the fundamental tasks of the chamber is to provide continuous professional development and specialisations of pharmacists. In order to assure this goal, educational seminars, conferences and workshops are organised regularly.